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Supercross and Motocross Racing

Supercross is a type of motorcycle racing that involves the use of off-road bikes on man-made dirt courses that are often held in a stadium or arena. Supercross riders must be skilled not only at maneuvering a motorcycle around sharp turns and at high speeds, they must also be capable of successfully negotiating the jumps that are built into the dirt track. Though supercross is very similar to motocross, the two sports are separate entities.

While many riders compete in both supercross and motocross, there are some key differences in how each event is carried out. Supercross is typically an indoor event held in a stadium, while motocross takes place at an outdoor track. Another difference between supercross and motocross is the fact that the supercross track is completely man-made, from the jumps to the turns, while a motocross track is partially man-made, but assisted by the presence of preexisting natural areas.

The races are also slightly different. Supercross has a set of heat races and then a 20 lap main event race. Motocross has two time-qualifying races and two 40-minute main event races. Additionally, Supercross events take place early in the calendar year, typically starting in January. Motocross events are typically run through the summer months after Supercross is over.

A typical Supercross race held at around twelve stadiums events a year are attended by around 120 -150 riders per event and care the same support teams with them varying between one to twenty members of their team.

Attendance Stats

Live Event Total
831,000 attendees

Live Event Average
52,000 attendees per market

Pit Party Total
329,000 attendees

Pit Party Average
29,000 attendees per market



Carlen Gardner


City: Paso Robles, CA

Age: 19

DOB: 10/21/1997

Hobbies: I enjoy staying active, going to the lake on my jet ski, or going on mountain bike rides with friends. I also enjoy being a riding coach and gym coach to kids to help share my experience from racing.

Class: 250cc West coast Supercross, 450-Motocross.

Experience: 2016 was my pro debut year. I started off with the Amsoil Arenacross series with multiple Lites class podiums and one Main Event win. Then I went into the Lucas Oil Motocross series where I did the first three races on a 450 then three selected 250 races making all my motos.

Current Sponsors: MX Athletics, Race Tech, Lazer Star, Aimm Service Group, Von Zipper, 6-D Helmets, Yoshimura, DT1 filters, Lucas Oil, SSI decals, Sidi boots, Strikt gear, Dirt tricks, Works Connection, Rekluse, Ride engineering, Bolt Motorcycle Hardware.

2018 Goal: My goal is to take all the experience I learned from my first Supercross year as far as training, Bike, marketing, and racing, use those tools to progress my program and myself as an athlete and start being a main event guy and start to open eyes in the industry to show I am serious about this sport.

2017- Rookie season Supercross results

Average of 50 entries per weekend in the 250cc division. 40 riders make it to paid night show from qualifying practice.

Round 2 San Diego- 26th

Round 3 Anaheim 2- 35th

Round 4 Phoenix- Main event 21st

Round 5 Oakland- 39th

Round 6 Arlington- 24th

Round 14 Seattle- 26th

2017 – Canadian National Results:

Round 9 Deschambault- 9th

Round 10 Barrie- 17th


On-Site Supercross Related Benefits

  • Title Proprietary Component
  • Category Exclusivity
  • Official Product
  • On-site Display Rights
  • On-site Signage
  • Environment Branding (Staff, Team Apparel)
  • Branding on all team posters and handouts
  • On-site Giveaways that include sponsor logo
  • On-site media screen commercials / video

Off-Site Supercross Related Benefits

  • Athlete Appearances
  • Dealer Participation
  • Product / Partner tie ins
  • Access to event generated mailing lists

On-Site Business Related Benefits

  • Tickets
  • Pit Party Passes
  • Special Access Opportunities
  • Dealer Participation
  • Client Hospitality
  • Team/Athlete Appearances
  • On-site giveaway opportunities
  • Data collection opportunities

Off-Site Business Related Benefits

  • Athlete Appearances
  • Dealer Participation
  • Product / Partner tie ins
  • Access to event generated mailing lists






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